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二本的名字取自於二個英文字的新字結合, Herb+Urban=Herban, 意指為草綠都市。

Herban is a combination of the words ‘herb’ and ‘urban’. Depending on where you are from, you may pronounce it as “Urban” or “Her-ban”.

我們熱愛美食, 美食並不代表一定需要有肉入菜。少吃肉對健康好, 對地球好, 更是能善待我們純真的動物們。

We like good food, and we believe we can all eat less meat; it’s good for you, it’s good for the earth, it’s good for our fellow animals, too.

二本的信念是, 我們尊重每一種飲食型態。但我們的理想是提供沒吃到肉也不會遺憾的佳餚來慢慢翻轉世間轉既有的食肉習慣, 讓完全肉食的人沒有壓力的接受無肉的飲食。 希望有一天、人們會變成以菜為主、以肉為輔。

It’s not about being one way or another, it’s just about eating less of one thing and more of another; whether that is once a day, week, or month. We want to make it tasty and easy to do just that. We serve comfort food, with no meat.

同時我們盡量採用本土食材, 有機蛋, 食草奶油, 非基因改造大豆, 大量新鮮香草,安全的好油, 不含凝乳酶的乳酪和無動物明膠葡萄酒。當然, 這裡還有我們滿滿的愛~

We use mostly local produce, only organic eggs, grass-fed butter, non-GMO soy, mostly fresh herbs, good oils, vegan/vegetarian/organic wines and beers, and of course, love.

We don’t use meat, cheeses cultured with rennet, oh, and there is no microwave, or MSG in our kitchen.